kamala harris is everything we need and then some!

I absolutely LOVE Kamala Harris. I see her and I see the possibility of everything. For me, my daughters, and so many other beautiful Black and brown girls seeing how they can live up to their potential, in spite of a system that refuses to see us/them . . .

invisible no more

I am a HUGE fan of Kamala Harris. I don't deny it and I will side-eye anybody who tries to sell me on another candidate.

Now, of course you are going to assume that the only reason why I love her is because she is a Black woman. You would be wrong, sorry. She is a brilliant, compassionate, educated, and experienced woman who just happens to be Black so that is a win-win in my book.

But, because she is all of those things while being a Black woman, the press and media are doing everything they can to minimize and erase her. When we hear pundits talking they always focus on their "top 3 candidates" whom, in my opinion, would not win in the general election, and they dismiss Kamala constantly. When journalists write about her, it is always in a dismissive manner citing how she should just end her campaign already.

Well, that is not gonna happen!

Black folks know what they are doing. They are setting the stage for failure, and using racist methods to achieve that goal. They want ratings. They want pundits fighting each other during prime time to get those ratings. They want to sell papers, magazines subscriptions and books that keep going over the same points and issues we already know about. None of them offer actual solutions to the root causes. Hell, none of them even talk about the root causes. But Kamala does, and that is why they are scared.

Her plans are well thought out and informed but, more importantly, her plans are *intersectional*  which anybody trying to get the Black vote needs to show that they understand this concept. Kamala has spent her entire career walking the walk, while the others show up with "theoretical plans" when they started running for president. But you wouldn't know that if you turn on the news or pick up a paper.

What is worse is that when she is erased from main stream media and discarded as insignificant, the voters I am trying to mobilize don't hear anything about her. Overseas voters only get snippets of information and most, sadly, do not bother to educate themselves about the candidates at all. And for those that do, they usually get some questionable sources to look at. Well, that is about to change!

I am a very proud member of the #KHive and it is up to us [collectively] to educate, inform, promote and fight for Kamala to get the respect and recognition she deserves.

So, I have a "Kamala Stan" section to this site that is ALL things Kamala Harris. It is a work in progress but the bones are there. I realized that we needed a platform dedicated to her when I began researching her on my own. The amount of misinformation (that looks legitimate to some) that appeared in my searches were extremely disheartening. The lies and smear campaigns. The colorisim and classism was just too much. In light of that, I saw an opportunity to ensure that true and accurate information could be available, in one spot.

Now, I have not done all of this alone. I am leaning on my fellow #KHive members who have done some SERIOUS work on making sure that Kamala has a fair voice in this process. I will post links to their work on Twitter, their websites, podcasts and anything they have written so that you know you can get up-to-date accurate news about what Kamala is doing and how she truly is the best one qualified to lead this country.

So grab some wine, smoke a spliff, do whateverf you need to do to get your mind right and sit back and read, watch and educate yourself on our next president!

#KHive out for now . . .